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DSK is the company's internally-developed engine powering all of its games and real-time visualization products. It's a generic low-level engine targetted to support a wide range of uses as opposed to being directed towards a particular game type (e.g. FPS). The engine has been succesfully used until now in powering a wide variety of applications, including:

  • Hyper Void: a 3D space shooter game
  • Quraish: a 3D real-time strategy game
  • Call of Khafra: a 2D puzzle platformer game
  • Anbar: a first-person 3D architectural walkthrough
  • DSK|Globe: a Google Earth-style 3D planet exploration module
  • ... and more

For each case, the engine was able to deliver high performance and efficiency with minimal overhead thanks to its modular design.


DSK has shipped products on a number of platforms. Its cross-platform interface abstracts platform-specific complexities and allows focusing more on the actual application code. Currently, DSK works on: Microsoft Windows and Xbox One, and Sony Playstation3 and Playstation4 platforms, with the ability to easily extend to other platforms as the need arises.


An important part of the company's internal tech is a pipeline that supports generation of assets in different tools and processing those assets to their final formats ready for run-time access on the different platforms.

The engine's data pipeline takes assets of different kinds, including full 3D scenes, images, audio data and logic graphs; with emphasis on supporting standard formats where possible with the goal of allowing flexible use choice of tools for asset production.

Check out the following samples demonstrating the workflow with Softimage for creating different kinds of real-time applications