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Do You Have What It Takes to Make History?

Through the defining moments of heroism and humanity which shaped the history of Islam, Quraish takes you in an exciting 3D real-time strategy game.

Wisdom, Cunning or Brutal force? Those are the decisions you take in this adventure to make history.

With 4 breathtaking campaigns and more than 30 levels, play the role of a Bedouin Sheik and earn your tribal respect, or command your army as the only hope of the new born Islamic state. Defeat the gathering tribes around your capital and push them back through the burning sands of Arabia, or simply follow the conquer routes of Khaled bin Al-Walid, the "Sword of God" and taste the glory with this legendary general who succeeded in defeating history's most powerful empires, Byzantium and Persia.

Quraish: Uphold The Message!

Call of Khafra

Call of Khafra is a puzzle platform game that tests your wits and reflexes as you play the daring explorer in his adventures inside the great pyramid of Khafra.

Explore over 20 mysterious and dangerous chambers containing treasure to be found by those brave enough to survive the traps and evil entities that protect Khafra's most precious items.

Inspired from King's Valley made by Konami on MSX, this game adds many great enhancements beyond graphics.

Freedom Flotilla Game

Freedom Flotilla is a mobile game. Developed as a team project by the Arabic Game Developer Network (
Runs on mobiles with Java support and screen size 240x320 or larger.